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Being a direct vertical of the Jindal Group, Pretend Masters brings with itself the trust and dependability of the organization in Real Estate industry that delivers quality since decades. 

We guarantee our investors the best return for their investment by finding them properties that are recently rented to large corporates and companies all across Delhi NCR.

Tenants Available

Best Returns Possilble
6% Return
5% Return
6% Return
5% Return
7% Return
5% Return
6% Return
5% Return
7% Return
6% Return
6% Return
6.5% Return

Average Return


Number of Satisfied customer


Averagre lease tenure

10+ years


Most frequent questions and answers
WHY Invest in prerented properties?

Pre-leased property proves to be a good return of investment (ROI) for investors, especially in commercial properties more than residential properties.

Advantages of prerented properties?
  • No Waiting Period.
  • Capital Appreciation.
  • Regular And Assured Income.
  • Easy Liquidity.
  • Rental Discounting.


Is it safe to invest in prerented properties?

Buying a pre-rented property is a safe investment, as the property is rented for a specific duration of time, returns are guaranteed for the buyer.


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